Diary of a mature student at the library.

As most of you already know, I decided to apply for an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication at Leeds University in August, which I started in September. So I’ve been a bit absent. There are at least three libraries here that I’ve embarrassed myself in, so I thought I’d share my postgraduate library experiences MegaMoan style…

Day 1: Miscalculated the space and speed of the revolving doors upon entry to Laidlaw library and pretty much bumrushed three people all the way round.

Day 2: There is a guy opposite me wearing a shirt, tie and waistcoat just to study in… I know his essay gon’ be better than mine.

Day 3: Ahhh Adorno, Bauman, Foucault… do you ever stop sticking your oar in?

Day 4: I was concentrating on a book so hard I just dribbled on it. It’s on short term loan as well so someone’s deffo gonna touch it before it dries.

Day 5: How am I supposed to concentrate on copyright law when I just found myself opposite a book entitled ‘Pornography, Witchcraft and Necromancy’? Never sitting near the Ancient History section again.

Day 6: Took a selfie just to prove I’m still here in the library at 10.30pm, cos I know everyone thinks I’m in the pub.

Day 7: Decided today would be a hardcore reading sesh in the library. Got a sofa style study booth to myself, spread all my books out. Woke up about 2 hours later cos I heard a voice say “Is she snoring?!” and even my subconscious knew it was me.

Day 8: Spotted first fit boy in the library today… Must have stared a little too intently as I chewed right through my pen and he looked up in time to see me dribbling blue ink all down my chin.

Day 9: It’s 4 weeks in and most of these freshers are in committed relationships already. You ain’t gonna be so loved up when he sleeps with your housemate next week kid.

Day 10: Tried to leave the Brotherton library at 11pm, stood at the gate furiously trying to tap out until the security guard leaned over the desk and said “Just push it love, it’s open.”


One thought on “Diary of a mature student at the library.

  1. An entertaining read as always. Just a few months in and you already have an impressive collection of college-worthy memories. Keep it up and this will undoubtedly be a time in your life that you will fondly face-palm at for years to come. Pornography, Witchcraft, and Necromancy… strangely intriguing. I think I may have had to pick it up for a while.

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